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Brown's Family

 The Following was excerpted from "Historic Sloatsburg". Gene Kuykendall.  Additional Research By Janet Farrelly-Reimer and Kathy Goldman

Nicholas T. Brown was born in New York City 3/5/1849.  

His parents, Edward Brown and Ann Carney came from Cappamore, Ireland-hence the name "Cappamore Farm".  Nicholas was a kind man, who originally had twelve children.  Three of the children died soon after birth, but the other nine lived a very eventful life.  Some of the children are still alive today.

Nicholas was an alderman (councilman) ion New York City.  He also owned apartment buildings in NYC, which was how he was able to build a mansion for himself and his family-"The Brown Estate".  He had bought land in Sloatsburg from a man named Theodore Hath.  My great grandfather chose to locate there because of the beautiful natural surroundings. 

Nicholas eventually contracted the flu, and my great-grandmother hired a nurse, Mrs. McCarthy to take care of him.  The nurse stayed at the house and eventually my great-grandfather had given Mrs. McCarthy the flu as well.  So then Mrs. Brown had to take care of the nurse.  My great-grandfather never recovered from this and eventually died, June 20, 1917 at the age of 68.  Mrs. McCarthy, however, did recover.  Mrs. Brown never did catch the flu.

Nicholas T. Brown was remembered well by his children.  My great-uncle Tom was just 10 years old when his father died.  He remembers his dad as a "pipe smoker" who was always very good to him.

Nicholas' mother:  Ann Carney, a direct descendant from Cappermore Ireland, and original settler of Cappemore Farm.