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The Henry Club
Presently:  Sloatsburg Hardware
Originally:  The Henry Club
Owner of Building:  J. Newman
Operator of Sloatsburg Hardware:  Bennetto Persichetti

Originally called the Association Hall, this three story building was constructed in 1911 by the 180 member Carpenter's Union, the Mason's Union and the Painter's Union.  The third floor served as the Union Hall for many years to come.

In 1914, The Henry Club was conceived and made possible by Mrs. Alfred Loomis of Tuxedo Park.  It was named in memory of her son who died young.  The Henry Club comprised primarily the second floor which was remodeled, equipped and furnished by Mrs. Loomis and boasted a modern gas lighting system donated by a local businessman.  The Club was controlled by a local board of directors for use by all residents and served as Sloatsburg's community center from 1914 through 1942.

The large second floor served many functions, including:

Movie Theater/Dance Floor/Theatrical State/Auditorium/Gymnasium/Kitchen/Library and Reading Room/Card and Billiard Room.

Its activities included:

Dime Movies/Bingo Games/Saturday Night Dances/Plays and Concerts/Dance Classes/Community Meetings/Christmas and Halloween Parties/Labor Day Picnics and Clam Bakes

A local band, Glee Club and Dramatic Club performed here regularly.  There were stairs behind the state leading up to dressing rooms on the third floor.

Sloatsburg School graduations were held here for many years.

Catholic services were held in the Henry Club for a period prior to the completion of St. Joan of Arc Church in 1924.

Civic  groups organized at the Henry Club and who held their early meetings and ceremonies in this building included:

Sloatsburg Daughters of America (1914)
Sloatsburg Boy Scouts (1916)
Sloatsburg Girl Scouts (1919)
Sloatsburg Volunteer Fire Department (1923)